Work With A Customer Who Can’t Afford You…Without Dropping Your Price

Work With A Customer Who Can’t Afford You…Without Dropping Your Price

So...your ideal customer says they would love to work with you but they just can't afford you, if you're anything like me you’re probably trying to contain your excitement at being able to work with someone like them because you know you can make such a difference...but this whole price thing is getting in the way.

My key bit of advice at this stage is: don't drop your price, instead work around the 'barrier' with your customer to come up with a solution, 5 key questions to work through: 

  • Can you provide a payment plan?
  • Can you work for a basic payment and then take a cut of the increase in sales?
  • Is there scope to scale down what the customer receives: for instance they only get access to half your digital course for half the price?
  • mail-forward
    Is there something you need that the customer has - providing the opportunity for a skills swap?
  • mail-forward
    Does the customer have a mailing list or customer base that would provide value to you? Could you provide your service at a price that reflects that value in exchange for testimonials and promotions about you to that audience?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then work through how it might look - this could be a great solution to your problem... regardless...Repeat after me..dropping your price without anything in return is not acceptable 😉

There are other ways to work around it which are mutually beneficial so find them...if your customer isn't open to them then maybe price isn't the problem after all and I would probably look to reiterate the value you of what you do and the benefit to that customer as the likelihood is they just aren't seeing the value for the price.

...I'd also look back at the conversations you have had with them to see if there was a more effective way to communicate the value of what you do to avoid this happening again with other customers.

About the Author Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

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