When the going gets tough

When The Going Get’s Tough

So last week I had the fun of being along for the ride with some of my clients highs...it's so nice to be a part of those moments when they are celebrating wins, however big or small it's a big part of why I love my job...

...this week however was a different story...with tears, fears and 'mental blocks' all brimming to the surface in a number of  1to1 sessions....because at times business IS TOUGH

...If someone said to me 'I really want to test myself and understand what my weaknesses are' I would tell them to do one of two things:

- Quit your full time job, rent your house out, pack a bag and travel the world

- Build a business from just a concept into something that gives you an income

Yep I truly believe starting your own business exposes all those hidden beliefs, fears, strengths and weaknesses and is at times a very lonely and scary existence...but like anything that takes you out of your comfort zone it can also be one of the most rewarding and self developing things you will ever do.

There has never been a time in my life when I have learnt more, in such a short space of time, as when I have been setting up my own business. It's such a steep learning curve and an equally exciting and daunting time.

So why am I telling you this? Well really it was to share that the highs and the lows of business are all part of the work for yourself journey...

...know that each phase will pass and try and glean as much as you can from each: take the momentum of the good times to help you through the challenges

...it's ok to cry or vent those emotions in whatever way works for you, but also take time to understand and learn from them so you can come out the other side with a fresh perspective and the drive to carry on…

and you are not on your own: there are 5.7 million small business owners in the UK alone experiencing the same highs and lows, join a community to get support, and support others through the tough times.

When the going gets tough self doubt and that little voice telling you that your not enough or you should just give up and go back to a 'normal' job always make an appearance

...acknowledge them, thank them for their input but make it clear the time for this 'discussion' isn't now...come back and revisit what’s driving these thoughts when your mood is at least on the positive side of neutral...

Whilst their maybe some constructive insights that can be gathered from these thoughts when dark clouds are over your head is not the time to explore them...

So how do you get yourself out of those 'dark moods' - here's 3 tips:

  • Give yourself some time out; even just half an hour can make a world of difference, ideally outside in the fresh air or doing something you enjoy, it gives you time to get perspective and recharge.
  • Chat things through with a friend or business mentor
  • Give yourself some simple tasks to do: feeling as though you have completed something and moved 'stuff forwards' can really help

About the Author Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

I help female entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate business growth through confident selling… By discovering their unique style, breaking through mental barriers, and revolutionising their approach to sales.