Top Tips For Maximising The Christmas

Top Tips For Maximising The Christmas “Lull”

Yes that’s right, whilst retailers are working at full steam making the most of the Christmas build up some of us are able to enjoy a well earned calm after a hectic Autumn rush. But how do you make sure you use this time productively?

I have compiled a few top tips of how to make the most of this time so come the Christmas break your sat smugly thinking how ready you are to totally smash 2018!

1.  Stop and take stock

A lull in your workload is a great time to have a look over previous goals, are you still focused and on the right path or has the noise of everyday life caused you to get distracted?

If you’re goals are out of date or non-existent then skip straight ahead to tip number 2

Have goals and a clear direction already mapped out? It’s a perfect time to review where you are, what’s gone well, what’s been tough and given the chance again what would you do differently: theses are all important if you want to learn from past actions and improve.

2.  Get a goal (or 3 or 4!)

If you don’t know what you’re aiming at, how do you know when you get there?

Setting out in 2018 without clear objectives is like getting in your car without deciding on a destination: whilst the journey might be fun you are unlikely to end up in the best place if you seriously want to get somewhere in the new year figure out what it is you want.

Tip: make this goal realistic and achievable, if possible base it on facts. It’s great to have a ‘best case scenario’ or ‘stretch goal’ but having a realistic goal will provide you with something to plan towards – if you smash it half way through the year then you can always set another one, from a beautiful sunny beach 😉

3.  Create a plan – Whoever said proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance was spot on, have a plan of what you want 2018 to look like, take your goal and figure out the steps that are needed to get there.

They don’t have to be set in stone, they can be updated and altered as you go, especially the second half of the year, but the first 3 months do need a decent structure in place if you want to realistic shot at your goal.

4.  Identify areas of development

What gaps do you have in your knowledge? What skills do you need to achieve your goals? Where can you get this knowledge? How much does it cost? What value will it provide? How important is it? Nice to have or need to have?

Yep, definitely more questions than answers for this section but it’s important to understand where you need to upskill and also work out the value of investing that time and money in doing so.

If you can fill some of the knowledge or skill gaps during the Christmas lull then go right ahead and make it happen, the upskilled 2018 version of you will be super grateful.

5.  Get accountable

Ideally get yourself a mentor: someone who will make you accountable for your actions and keep you focused on the important stuff whatever the excuse, but if the budget doesn’t quite stretch to that (yet) then think about getting a friend, ideally in the same position as you, who you update on a regular basis on what you are doing.

This reciprocal relationship can work really well, as long as you both keep each other focused and don’t just become a source of distraction or unproductive midday meet ups (although there is nothing wrong with celebrating the wins together!)

6.  Declutter

Yep, and not just that desk drawer or filing cabinet – sort those darn email out too! Whilst your at it you could even organise your computer back ups and files: yes I know, a total can of worms but if you can find things more easily you can be more efficient.

If the thought of trawling through paperwork or computer files is making you want to run for the hills then write down the 3 things that you regularly lose (therefore costing you precious time) and find ways to avoid this for example client emails; get a client folder in your inbox or if you’re constantly losing wallets, keys etc create a go to place where they ‘live’, or buy a Tile.

About the Author Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

I help female entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate business growth through confident selling… By discovering their unique style, breaking through mental barriers, and revolutionising their approach to sales.