Stop Dropping Your Price!

Stop Dropping Your Price!

I've had a couple of conversations this week with super talented clients who, although they 'know' they are worth more, when it comes to telling people the price for their services they end up dropping them at the last minute!

...they then come away with the business but disappointed at themselves for not asking for the 'bit more' that they should charge...why does this happen?

It's totally down to confidence and our automatic response: to want to help people: whilst we know what our services are worth in comparison to our competitors, the amount of value and experience we bring to our clients... it somehow ends up being a stretch too far to ask for what we are worth, potentially because we are afraid of the rejection: telling someone costs and opening yourself up to rejection makes us feel vulnerable...but we need to get over this.

Somehow a lot of us feel that if we can manage on less money then we should: we enjoy what we do and in some cases we even feel greedy for asking the price we do...

We need to stop this craziness...and here are 4 tips to help:

  • Do your research: find out what your competition offers, think about your USP's and the value (to your customer) of what differentiates you from your competitor.
  • Be your own worst customer: practice what you would say if a customer was to ask you how you justify what you charge: if you have this answer at the ready then you will feel more confident telling people your price.
  • Call on your inner confidence: use affirmations, a good pep talk or even some music to help you 'get in the zone' and feel more confident...whatever works for you I'm a fan of affirmations and lists of the value you bring to clients; your skills and experience as well as feedback you have received.
  • mail-forward
    Don't let rejection put you off: if someone cannot afford your services then you can suggest other options (watch out for next weeks email where we will be talking about this a bit more) dropping your price is unnecessary and results in costing you money - they are taking the time of a fully paying client!

About the Author Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

I help female entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate business growth through confident selling… By discovering their unique style, breaking through mental barriers, and revolutionising their approach to sales.