How do you have it all?

How do you have it all?

Juggling a newborn and a client call last week Martin snapped a photo of me with baby Ethan in a sling at my desk, I had so many messages from people telling me how amazing I they don't know how I do immediate thought was 'do what?'

The reality was Ethan wasn't settling unless he was being held, Martin had deadlines and his own client calls to do and I needed to speak to a client who was faced with some difficult decisions...what choice did I have?

In that moment in time I became for the senders of those messages that person on social media who looks 'on it' control and balancing all those plates with ease, that person who I regularly have to stop myself from comparing myself unfavourably to...

...the reality couldn't be more different.

Posts, photos and poses are just that...a snapshot in time with little, if any, reference to what is going on behind the scenes...

...when there's a moment of calm you're able to stop and take a moment to capture when the going is 'good'

...when your covered in sick, your newborn is screaming and your toddler is riding your poor labrador like Rody the blow up horse you fortunately / unfortunately don't have time to capture the moment without risk of injury or full scale melt down!

So what's my point? Well there's a couple really...most of us are 'winging it' most of the time, especially when we are juggling priorities and the needs of others that are reliant on us... but that's ok we aren’t super human!

...Remember next time you get a pang of guilt or self criticism when you see others 'snapshots' they are more than likely winging it too...'s easy to envy others particularly with the help of social media...but resist the urge; if nothing else it will make you bitter and twisted and it's a waste of energy!

Be yourself and others. We are all managing personal battles, juggling what we want to do versus what we can manage to do whilst maintaining a basic level of hygiene and sleep... making tough decisions, facing fears, battling with mindset...

And as a wise mum and baby yoga teacher once said (in her very calming voice)...good and bad ...everything is a phase and every phase will pass...

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