Does Your Customer Actually Want What You Sell?

Does Your Customer Actually Want What You Sell?

So a number of clients I am currently working with are right at the beginning of their business journey, working through the strategy with them is an exciting time; finding out who their customer is, how they can target them, what their offering looks like it's all exciting stuff - it's what you could call 'crunch time'...

The difference between a dream and reality is action

...As you can imagine this phase can be pretty daunting, figuring out if your concepts, ideas, dreams and aspirations could be a tangible business opportunity, and one you want to invest time and money pursuing...for 70% of start ups one of these factors will be their stumbling block and the end of that specific business dream.

So what would I advise if your wanting to test either a business concept or new product offering?

Test your idea as cheaply and as quickly as possible - this will save you time and money: two of your most precious resources.

Top Tips For Testing: 

  • Use ideal customers beyond your friends and family; even if your friends and family are a perfect fit of your ideal customer you are unlikely to get unbiased feedback from them...resulting in unreliable testing results.
  • Don't spend weeks or month creating the necessary resources you would look to use when you scale: you need to provide the same outcome (benefits) but it don't have to be the finished article at this stage, the most important thing is that you find out if there is a demand for the benefits you are offering.
  • Find out how much people are willing to pay for what you offer, ideally get them to pay: does the amount of work involved for the amount people are willing to pay work for you?
  • Lightbulb
    Use this as an opportunity to determine your capacity/; there's no point basing your business on selling 500 units per day for instance if in reality you only have time to create 20!


until someone buys what you offer you don't have a have a hobby.

...So make sure you find out if your business has wings before you invest all your free time and saving in it - whilst the learning you can obtain from setting up you business can be invaluable it's good to know why you are doing it and the outcome you can expect for all your hard work!

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