Busy Being Busy

Busy Being Busy?

So this week has been a busy one...don't I always say that?! Yes I probably do...because I for one am always busy being busy!!

I regularly tell my clients to prioritise, take a step back and think logically about the steps you need to take to move your business forwards and achieve your goals, throw balancing life into the equation and things get complicated, the clarity easily fades and it takes a decent conversation with a straight talker to get you back on track...this week that's what happened!

Martin and I spent some time with a fantastic mentor talking through where we are and our next steps...their advice was...well keep it simple!

It's easy to complicate things in business, get distracted or even try running before you can walk, sometimes it takes talking through things with someone you respect, or someone who has already 'been there' for you to really get clarity...it worked a dream. The next 3 months, and the actions we need to take, are clearly mapped out taking into account me taking time out for baby number 2 we have sensible expectations of what we can and want to achieve...and I have to say what a relief!

So...this week, or even this evening (why wait) put some time aside to look at where you are versus your goals, sense check: is what I have planned for this week what I need to do to move closer to my goals

...is there anything else I could be doing...and don't think bots, automation or complex systems think simple stuff...following up people individually for instance in order to bring in more sales and get you nearer to your financial goals...approaching 1 person who might be able to get you a speaking opportunity....what’s your goal and what’s a simple step to get there?

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