The 3 Key Barriers to Making Your First Sale

The 3 Key Barriers to Making Your First Sale

There are 3 key barriers to making your first sale:

1. You - your mindset and self belief
2. Finding your ideal customer
3. Being prepared to sell do you overcome these barriers...or at the very least reduce the impact they have?

1. You:

To overcome this one you need to become your own biggest fan - if you're not who is going to be?

Take steps to building your own confidence, for example read through testimonials from your test group, write down the value what you do brings to people and then re-read them regularly, look through and read your positive affirmations... what you works for you to get your mindset and beliefs in a healthy and resilient place to approach people with confidence and in the belief that they should and will purchase your product.  

2. Finding Your Ideal Customer:

This can be tricky but researching, getting out there and communicating with people is a great might feel like you hit a lot of dead ends to start with but rest assured it will be worth the  effort in the long term - you really need to build a picture of who they are, what they are like and where to find them.

...hopefully when talking through your concept with people you got an idea of who they were and where they hung out - you see the stronger the initial research the more you have to go on.

3. Being Prepared To Sell:

You need to practice what you are going to say and create a 'tool kit' of go to phrases and words that you would use when talking about your product.

...I appreciate roll playing what you would say to a customer isn't everyone’s cup of tea but it can really help you get your head around the words you want to say and practice handling questions your potential customers might have.

...with practice comes confidence, which can really help translate all your efforts into sales!

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About the Author Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

I help female entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate business growth through confident selling… By discovering their unique style, breaking through mental barriers, and revolutionising their approach to sales.