4 Top Tips For Winning Events As A Delegate

4 Top Tips For Winning Events As A Delegate

Bootcamps, networking, exhibitions and workshops all promise the opportunity to meet new people and learn stuff, here is my quick top tip guide to navigating these ‘opportunities’.

1. Sense check: is this the right event for me?

Prior to spending your time and hard earned money on an event figure out if it’s the right one for you ask yourself:

  1. Why do you want to go?
  2. What do you want to get out of it?
  3. Does this event fulfil your aims in a) and b)

If the answer to this question is no; then is this the right event for you or would your resources be better spent elsewhere?

2. Take stationery

I know, with the rise of social media the business card is no longer the only way to making contact post networking opportunities, but it is still the most effective way to exchange information, saving you time and stops you scribbling down information on scraps of paper or other people’s cards.

Make sure you follow up these contacts; I’m a big fan of using social media to keep in touch with people you meet at events or dropping people a quick email.

Take a pen and paper to jot down notes and information, don’t rely on the event to provide them, using note sections on your phone is an option if you run out of space but isn’t ideal, it can run out of battery and is distracting.

3. Take Water and a healthy snack or two

Nasty strip lighting, stuffy rooms and below par food can all leave you feeling a bit ropy. Stay hydrated will help you to feel fresher, enable you to focus more and make the most of being at the event. Healthy snacks mean you’re not wondering when the lunch break is due and you won’t be hungry if the food available is not to your taste.

4. Make the most of it!

You have made the decision to go, you have invested resources (money and more significantly your time) to be there so be present; don’t just sit there checking your phone every few minutes, make the most of it, join in, speak to people, listen to what others are saying and absorb as much information as possible.

If there’s an opportunity to network, catch up with clients etc then do it, events are a great place to expand your network or keep in touch with people; make sure you acknowledge people you already know.

Take some time post event to consolidate your learnings, review what you’re going to action and what was a nice to know. Make sure that you take action where it’s appropriate and don’t let opportunities pass you by.

About the Author Sarah Jolley-Jarvis

I help female entrepreneurs rapidly accelerate business growth through confident selling… By discovering their unique style, breaking through mental barriers, and revolutionising their approach to sales.